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Equine Services

Faith in humanity is not always easy.  With animals, humans are easier.

We provide Equine Services to assist with:

Emotional Trauma
Social Anxiety
Psychological Struggles
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Physical Trauma
Cognitive Development
Recreational Therapies


Military PTSD
Adjusting to civilian life after war can be difficult. Equine therapy has shown excellent progress dealing with many issues that soldiers face when returning to a normal life. We cherish the opportunity to give something back after they gave so much for us.

Disabilities & Cognitive Development
Many therapists use horse therapy to reach someone on a personal level. Young people with disabilities benefit greatly due to motor, emotional and sensory input that are associated with riding a horse.  Joy, belonging and empathy are some of the outcomes of developing a relationship with their equine partner.


Equine Therapy for Kids
We provide therapy for children dealing with emotional, physical, cognitive, social or developmental struggles. They can find hope and healing through an equine partnership.

Psychological Struggles/Trauma
With a horse there is a give and take relationship that develops and transfers into real life.  Just as in a herd, we are not designed to "go at it alone".  Forming bonds with the horses can help those struggling to develop bonds in their personal relationships